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Tub Style Style Roll Off Container

Discover Refuse Fab's rectangle tub style containers, built for durability and efficiency in heavy-duty operations.

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Superior Strength and Innovation: Refuse Fab Tub Style Roll-Off Containers

Refuse Fab’s Tub Style Roll-Off Containers are meticulously designed to handle the toughest demands of waste management, construction, and demolition projects. Engineered with precision, these containers are your go-to solution for efficiency and reliability.

Standard Specifications:

  • One-Piece Durability: Experience unmatched durability with a one-piece 3/16″ thick floor, providing a solid base for any type of waste.
  • Robust Build: Features include 6″ x 2″ x 3/16″ long sills and a continuously welded exterior, ensuring long-lasting service.
  • Superior Structural Integrity: Equipped with 3″ x 4.1 channel crossmembers on 18″ centers and structural channel rub rails for enhanced strength.
  • Gusseted Support: Every crossmember gusseted to distribute load evenly and prevent warping.
  • Smooth Operation: Solid steel bullnose with 4″x6″ rollers and 10″ x 8″ greaseable rear ground rollers ensure easy movement and placement.

Customize Your Container:

  • Adaptability: Additional options such as front ground rollers, hook lifts, and various lids or tarps allow for a perfect fit for your specific needs.
  • Enhanced Features: Choose from HD uprights, nose rollers, and HD hinges, doors, and wheels for greater durability and usability.

Our Quality Promise:

  • 1-Year Warranty: Our commitment to quality is backed by a 1-year warranty, assuring you of a reliable investment.
  • Dedicated Support: The Refuse Fab team is always ready to help, ensuring that your operations run smoothly without interruptions.

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